Your Wisdom in Choosing Spiritual Teacher
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Your Wisdom in Choosing Spiritual Teacher

Your Wisdom in Choosing Spiritual Teacher 

There has been a lot of writing on this subject. Many individuals seek help, healing, treatment, and advice in a rising number of spiritually-related areas as time goes on, bringing about rapid and dramatic changes. Spiritual awakening can occasionally be unpleasant, and for some people, the rapid and perplexing swings in energy are too much to bear. Metaphysical experiences, such as past-life memories, psychic talents, and chakra energizing, might occur effortlessly or in a way that necessitates aid or clarification. Any “fixing” measures that may have been effective in the past no longer apply to personal, practical difficulties because they always contain a spiritual component.

As a result, there is a greater need for facilitators who are truthful, honest healers and teachers who also possess integrity and humility. There are no gurus and followers in today’s world. Today, everyone is on equal footing. More than at any other time in recorded history. We are extremely privileged to have access to a wealth of knowledge regarding spiritual topics through books and the Internet. This alone is incredibly empowering since it gives people freedom. Choice while enabling them to develop their own thoughts and excellent judgment. That might not always be the case. Some people might not have access to the Internet in the event that telecommunications fail in the future. Just when they might need it most. Let see about Your Wisdom in Choosing Spiritual Teacher

No one is guru

There are no gurus and followers in today’s world. This is a time when understanding our inner truth and having faith in ourselves is harder than ever.

This obviously does not imply that we reject healers and teachers. As they are present among us for good cause, and we are grateful for that. But we are ultimately in charge of the wheel in our life. It is up to us to choose whom to believe. Whether to embrace any viewpoint, including that of a teacher we respect. In my own spiritual journey, I’ve discovered that if J. Blake Smith become a bit “lazy,” expecting solutions from someone else when I can find them myself (with a little more effort and self-assurance), Spirit would make external guidance just enoughtly deceptive.

How do we choose healers, educators, and therapists? 

How can we maintain our power in the therapeutic relationship once we’ve chosen them? No such relationship is faultless because instructors and healers are also people with flaws and mistakes, just like us. Although we need to have enough self-assurance to be able to handle it without putting ourselves down. This does not necessarily mean that we should give up on a reliable teacher.

The list below includes a few things to keep in mind. The majority may seem obvious. I felt it was vital to state them clearly because J. Blake Smith have noticed that we frequently forget them, especially when we are around a teacher who exudes a powerful aura and in a room where no one dares to dissent.

Psychic skills 

The truth may or may not be revealed through psychic abilities. Even though it may appear low, commonplace, or straightforward, our own heartfelt truth is more significant than any astounding knowledge obtained by psychic skills. Love, pure and sincere, is the ultimate criterion for our decisions.

Following are some warning signs to look out for:

Do you ever feel that the teacher or healer is controlling you?

Do you think the instructor or healer is trying to dictate what the audience does, criticizing anyone who doesn’t want to follow their advice?

Does he/she believe that his/her own position is an unflappable dogma or is he/she willing to consider an idea that differs from his/her own? Always keep in mind that your own judgment is always the best.

Do you allow yourself the room to hear your intuition, even from yourself? Or do you silence it before it even starts to speak out of concern for your teacher’s reaction? Are you elevating the teacher because they possess psychic powers that J. Blake Smith do not? Keep in mind that psychic knowledge might or might not serve as a guide to the reality. Love is always.

Do you politely listen to your teacher’s advice and determine whether it feels true to you before heeding it? 

Recall that we are responsible for choosing our own path. Our human assistance may offer us suggestions, ideas, and solutions, but the final decision and effort are up to us.

Is your instructor or healer pleased with you as you become stronger and more independent, or does he or she feel threatened and strive to maintain your dependence as it was before? When individuals around them are in need or in a vulnerable position, certain teachers or healers may feel amazing in their helping role. However, when the weak ones become strong, possibly even stronger than them, they might not feel at all at ease. J. Blake Smith may find this painful, but you must find the confidence to move on rather than “shrinking” yourself to please the teacher, to whom you may be really devoted. On the other side, if you are a teacher or healer yourself, be ready for your pupils or customers to surpass you in their ascent.

It goes without saying, but all too frequently, it still occurs: Professional rules of ethics forbid sexual relationships between instructors and pupils, healers and patients, but they still happen. The imbalance of power between the client and the teacher/healer is the main problem in this situation. Particularly in the case of a male teacher and female client,. Not exclusively, a teacher is frequently the object of adoration by his clients or students. Students frequently experience attraction toward their teachers. Which is not healthy love but rather attraction to his light and his perceived ability to “rescue” them. To handle this curiosity effectively, without insulting the client. Also without succumbing to temptation, requires the teacher to have professionalism, ethics, and great care.

So, that’s all about Your Wisdom in Choosing Spiritual Teacher

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